Free PMP Exam Sample Question

Free PMP Exam Sample QuestionYou are measuring the dimensions of a highly critical component on your project that was manufactured by one of your subcontractors. Failure of this component is a huge risk factor and would lead to major delays and possibly a failed project. In which Process Group does this activity belong?

A. Project Risk Management
B. Monitor and Control
C. Validate Scope
D. Executing

HINT: You are performing the Validate Scope process.

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Answer and Explanation:
The correct answer is B.

The process of measuring a deliverable is part of the Validate Scope process, which in turn is part of the Monitoring & Controlling Process Group. Please note that this answer is intentionally spelled wrong. The process group is called Monitoring & Controlling, not Monitor & Control. However, it is still the best answer and a spelling error does not invalidate the answer.

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