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課程由擁有超過20年項目管理經驗的Cornelius Fichtner講授

共110個教學影片,超過 40小時


課程亦已更新為附合PMBOK Edition 5

最後通過一個簡單的考試(可無限次免費重考),你便可以獲取「35 Contact Hours Certificate」

立即買入課程  或 看看以下更詳盡的官方介紹。

How The PM PrepCast™ works
The PM PrepCast™ is a podcast / videocast with 120 lessons. After you make your purchase, you receive a personal link for downloading the videos. Simply watch them on your computer, laptop or your portable media player. Well presented and easy to follow, you’ll love how simple it is to study!

Download and watch the videos easily using iTunes (free software from Apple). Please note that its best to use iTunes, even if you don’t use an iPod because iTunes is a robust application, extremely simple to use and it makes accessing The PM PrepCast™ a matter of just 2-3 clicks. So install iTunes, purchase The PM PrepCast, click “Download All” and 45 minutes later (depending on your internet access speed) you’ll have the complete workshop downloaded. All ready to boost your studies, improve your performance and be ready to take the exam! (Without spending hundreds of dollars).

35 Contact Hours Certificate
After completing The PM PrepCast™ and passing the Final Exam you will be able to print a 35 Contact Hours Certificate and use it to apply for your PMP® exam. This certificate has been used by thousands of our students and PMI accepted it without exception because we are a PMI® Registered Education Provider.

How to receive the certificate: Two weeks after you begin studying with your PrepCast you can take our “Final Exam”. Take this exam whenever you want and as many times as you need until you pass. Once completed, you can then print your certificate.

Interested in seeing how much you’re saving? Simply search the internet and you will quickly see that in order to receive 35 contact hours elsewhere you would have to buy a product that costs several hundred dollars! Not the same here.

The PM PrepCast costs just HKD$1350.(以美元為準)

Surprised? You’re not alone. Many people are skeptical about our product at first because we offer it at an almost unbelievably low price. But once you start reading the customer testimonials you’ll see that it’s a high-quality product, one that everyone loves! We happen to think it’s the best one out there!



  • Increase your chance of passing the PMP® Exam. You will receive real-world examples to help you truly understand the PMP® exam concepts. Simple memorization won’t get you there. Plus, our course makes you a better project manager, too.
  • Study anywhere and reduce your study time because you can maximize your day by listening anywhere your tablet or smart phone goes. For instance you can listen when you drive to work, when you are outside riding your bike, or watch a lesson over lunch, as you are sitting on the bus or when you are waiting in line at the post office. It’s the anytime study miracle!
  • You hear everyday English and not the very difficult to understand language from A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Fifth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc., 2013.
  • You hear 10 lessons on Applied PMP® Concepts, based on student and expert feedback. These interviews with experts translate the concepts into everyday project management situations that you can relate to.
  • You hear from a number of recent PMP® exam takers: Learn their best practices on how to apply, study and pass the exam the first time.
  • It’s simple to get through – You’ll find that the 47 processes and 10 knowledge areas from the PMBOK® Guide are not as difficult as they may seem.
  • You will understand Earned Value Techniques and be able to answer questions about them confidently.
  • You learn the concept, tools & techniques that are not covered in the PMBOK® Guide but required for the exam without having to read dozens of other books.
  • You maximize your efforts with our valuable PMP® Exam Study Tips.
  • It’s mobile! Carry The PM PrepCast with you as your “Personal PMP® Trainer” whenever you want to study, wherever you go.
  • Your studies will be more enjoyable and go smoother & faster, but most of all… they will be easier! It’s guaranteed!


Number of Students
On April 22, 2013 we had 23,067 students.

Registered Education Provider
OSP International LLC, the creator of The PM PrepCast, has been reviewed and approved as a provider of project management training by the Project Management Institute (PMI)®. As a PMI Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.), we have agreed to abide by PMI established quality assurance criteria.

Bonus Items
When you purchase The PM PrepCast you will receive the following bonus Items as a free gift with your purchase:

Bonus Item #1: Certificate for 35 Contact Hours

No other PMP® Video seminar can give you the PMI required 35 contact hours. We can.

Bonus Item #2: 60 tough PMP® sample questions

These are not your straightforward PMP® sample questions that you can find on any other website. These are tough. And because they are tough, you will find an explanation for each of the answers given. You’ll understand why the answer chosen is the correct one.

Bonus Item #3: 10 Steps to Becoming a PMP – Email Course

In this 10-part email course we take you step-by-step through the 10 most important activities on your road to becoming a PMP. With each daily email you not only receive an in-depth discussion of today’s step, you also get a “Take Action” section. Here you will receive clear assignments and to-dos. You also receive the necessary links to online resources. This email course is invaluable for you as a PMP Aspirant. Follow it and nothing will be forgotten as you work your way to becoming a PMP.

Bonus Item #4: The PMP® / Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Exam Study Checklist

This checklist is a great resource to find additional exam study materials. But more than that, you will also find Exam Study Preparation Tips, a series of Exam Study Activities, and lessons on how to Boost Your Studies. You’ll also find some great Exam Taking Activities but most of all you will learn what Your Most Important Study Activity is and how to determine if you are ready. Follow our guidelines and expedite your studies.

Bonus Item #5: Access to our Exam Discussion Forums

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a question about the exam that you could go and ask a trusted source? That is what our exam forums are for. Only customers / students have access to these forums. Ask a question and your fellow students or our staff will help you.

Bonus Item #6: Instant Subscription to the PMP Exam Tips Newsletter

Subscription to this newsletter is a great way to complete all the aspects of the PMP exam preparation. You will receive weekly tips about specific PMP exam techniques, guidelines and resources, exam do’s and dont’s, proper scheduling and time management, and various efficient approaches you can apply. A valuable tool indeed that will enable you to breathe and take one step at a time towards a relaxed you with a focused mind come exam day.


The Premium Project Management PrepCast™ covers concepts, tools and techniques you need to be familiar with to take the PMP® Certification exam. We cover the material from the 2008 PMBOK® Guide (4th Edition), and we include the necessary models, theories and formulas not covered in the Guide. Our lessons are interesting and engaging. We won’t bore you! We help you understand these concepts instead of memorizing them.

The PrepCast gives you 112 video and audio lessons. Each lesson averages 26 minutes length and focuses on one concept or process. In total our lessons are over 52 hours long. You’ll get 42 hours of video lessons and 9.5 hours of audio lessons. You can watch them as often as you like to enhance your understanding. Each lesson has a number that allows for easy sorting in your portable player. The lessons in which we discuss the Knowledge Areas are numbered following the Guide’s chapter numbers. For instance all lessons on Project Scope Management begin with the number 05. Here they are:

No. Lesson Type Duration
1 E00.00 Welcome Video 14.55
2 E00.01 35 Contact Hours Video 03:51
3 E00.02 Lesson Directory PDF —
4 E00.03 PM PrepCast Errata PDF —
5 E01.04 Introduction to Project Management Video 27:44
6 E01.05 The Role of the Project Manager Video 24:03
7 E01.06 The Skills of the Project Manager Video 37:33
8 E01.07 Enterprise Environmental Factors Video 45:12
9 E01.09.1 Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct – Part 1 Video 25:00
10 E01.09.2 Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct – Part 2 Video 24:43
11 E01.30 Business Case SOW Charter Video 19:19
12 E01.31 The Project Management Plan Video 39:51
13 E01.32 Activity List Video 20:52
14 E01.33 Roles and Responsibilities Video 14:55
15 E01.34 Stakeholder Analysis Video 22:20
16 E01.36 Competing Project Constraints Video 24:20
17 E01.37 Baselines Video 20:40
18 E02.01 Interview with Arlene Trimble MP3 Audio 27:18
19 E02.02 Interview with Duncan McIntyre MP3 Audio 24:53
20 E02.03 Interview with Ron Holohan MP3 Audio 24:56
21 E02.04 Interview with Renata Weir and Mercedes McShane MP3 Audio 1:03:21
22 E02.05 Interview with Bill Rouck MP3 Audio 40:53
23 E03.01 Questions & Answers 1 MP3 Audio 19:52
24 E03.02 Questions & Answers 2 MP3 Audio 18:56
25 E04.00 Project Integration Management Overview Video 25:53
26 E04.01 Develop Project Charter Video 22:06
27 E04.02 Develop Project Management Plan Video 22:42
28 E04.03 Direct and Manage Project Execution Video 31:56
29 E04.04 Monitor and Control Project Work Video 21:46
30 E04.05 Perform Integrated Change Control Video 29:27
31 E04.06 Close Project or Phase Video 26:46
32 E05.00 Project Scope Management Overview Video 27:55
33 E05.01.1 Collect Requirements Video 26:07
34 E05.01.2 Collect Requirements Video 30:36
35 E05.02.1 Define Scope Video 15:46
36 E05.02.2 Define Scope Video 18:00
37 E05.03 Create WBS Video 30:31
38 E05.04 Verify Scope Video 27:12
39 E05.05 Control Scope Video 25:36
40 E06.00 Project Time Management Overview Video 26:25
41 E06.01 Define Activities Video 28:46
42 E06.02 Sequence Activities Video 32:38
43 E06.03 Estimate Activity Resources Video 27:51
44 E06.04.1 Estimate Activity Durations Video 20:13
45 E06.04.2 Estimate Activity Durations Video 21:54
46 E06.05.1 Develop Schedule Video 29:58
47 E06.05.2 Develop Schedule Video 29:43
48 E06.05.3 Develop Schedule Video 25:05
49 E06.06 Control Schedule Video 35:21
50 E06.07 Network Diagram Video 42:58
51 E07.00 Project Cost Management Overview Video 18:02
52 E07.01 Estimate Costs Video 28:01
53 E07.02 Determine Budget Video 28:46
54 E07.03 Control Costs Video 20:00
55 E07.04.1 Introduction to Earned Value Management Video 27:46
56 E07.04.2 Advanced Earned Value Management Video 32:02
57 E07.05 Advanced Cost Theory Video 22:27
58 E08.00 Project Quality Management Overview Video 29:41
59 E08.01.1 Plan Quality Video 16:14
60 E08.01.2 Plan Quality Video 23:45
61 E08.02 Perform Quality Assurance Video 25:34
62 E08.03.1 Perform Quality Control Video 15:22
63 E08.03.2 Perform Quality Control Video 16:01
64 E08.04 Advanced Quality Management Tools Video 31:17
65 E09.00 Human Resources Overview Video 26:38
66 E09.01 Develop Human Resource Plan Video 32:13
67 E09.02 Acquire Project Team Video 24:33
68 E09.03.1 Develop Project Team Video 23:26
69 E09.03.2 Develop Project Team Video 19:49
70 E09.04.1 Manage Project Team Video 17:23
71 E09.04.2 Manage Project Team Video 19:10
72 E09.05.1 Advanced HR Theory 1 Video 20:04
73 E09.05.2 Advanced HR Theory 2 Video 18:02
74 E09.06 Delegation Video 27:15
75 E10.00 Project Communications Management Video 30:18
76 E10.01 Identify Stakeholders Video 39:53
77 E10.02 Plan Communications Video 34:48
78 E10.03 Distribute Information Video 24:32
79 E10.04 Manage Stakeholder Expectations Video 27:52
80 E10.05 Report Performance Video 31:41
81 E11.00 Project Risk Management Overview Video 35:34
82 E11.01 Plan Risk Management Video 31:02
83 E11.02.1 Identify Risks Video 18:50
84 E11.02.2 Identify Risks Video 27:04
85 E11.03 Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Video 30:20
86 E11.04 Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Video 31:39
87 E11.05 Plan Risk Responses Video 42:52
88 E11.06 Monitor and Control Risks Video 33:37
89 E11.07 Decision Tree and Expected Monetary Value Video 23:25
90 E12.00 Project Procurement Management Video 24:44
91 E12.01.1 Plan Procurements Video 15:59
92 E12.01.2 Plan Procurements Video 36:28
93 E12.02.1 Conduct Procurements Video 22:44
94 E12.02.2 Conduct Procurements Video 25:44
95 E12.03.1 Administer Procurements Video 19:19
96 E12.03.2 Administer Procurements Video 19:28
97 E12.04 Close Procurements Video 28:03
98 E70.00 PMP Exam Content Overview Video 12:38
99 E70.01.1 PMP Exam Content Cross Cutting Skills Part 1 Video 26:00
100 E70.01.2 PMP Exam Content Cross Cutting Skills Part 2 Video 27:59
101 E70.01.3 PMP Exam Content Cross Cutting Skills Part 3 Video 29:09
102 E70.01.4 PMP Exam Content Cross Cutting Skills Part 4 Video 33:16
103 E70.02 PMP Exam Content Initiating Domain Video 23:39
104 E70.03 PMP Exam Content Planning Domain Video 30:43
105 E70.04 PMP Exam Content Executing Domain Video 18:07
106 E70.05 PMP Exam Content MC Domain Video 28:34
107 E70.06 PMP Exam Content Closing Domain Video 34:24
108 E80.01 Applied Concepts – Authority MP3 Audio 52:28
109 E80.02 Applied Concepts – Project Monitoring MP3 Audio 28:52
110 E80.03 Applied Concepts – Risk Attitudes MP3 Audio 28:45
111 E80.04 Applied Concepts – Team Development MP3 Audio 32:29
112 E80.05 Applied Concepts – The Communications Plan MP3 Audio 35:52
113 E80.06 Applied Concepts – The Value of Quality MP3 Audio 29:59
114 E80.07 Applied Concepts – Earned Value MP3 Audio 37:00
115 E80.08 Applied Concepts – Critical Chain MP3 Audio 55:54
116 E80.09 Applied Concepts – Virtual Team Management MP3 Audio 31:43
117 E80.10 Applied Concepts – Requirements Gathering MP3 Audio 22:44
118 E80.11 Applied Concepts – Culture Shock MP3 Audio 19:41
119 E90.00 PMP Exam Overview Video 31:52
120 E90.03 What if you get audited Video 09:00
121 E90.05 Understanding your Score Report Video 14:11
122 E90.06 The Day of the PMP Exam Video 12:25
123 E90.07 Fifteen Sample Questions Video 27:11
124 E90.08 Finding the Best Answer to Sample Questions Video 08:15
125 E90.09 PMIs PDU Secrets Video 11:42
126 E90.10 Key Exam Activities Video 21:40
127 E98.00 Sample Exam Questions PDF —
128 E99.00 How to take your Final Exam PDF —
129 E99.02 What to write on your Exam Application PDF —
130 E99.03 In case you get audited PDF —
131 E99.99 Goodbye Video 11:24
The total file size of all lessons is approximately 2.5 Gigabytes. A high-speed internet connection is strongly recommended. Many companies have corporate firewalls in place and you many not be able to download the lesson videos on your work computer.

Note: Neither a transcript nor the presentation slides are part of the PrepCast package. They are also not available for purchase.

Technical Requirements
To access The PM PrepCast you will need:

To download
iTunes or another podcatcher software
Internet access (high-speed recommended)
To study
Either a computer or laptop with loudspeakers or headphones or
A portable media player (iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android Phone, Blackberry, Tablet, etc.)
How To Access The PM PrepCast
Via the online gateway

– directly access the lessons online by logging in to our membership gateway site.

Download and watch via iTunes

– the fastest way to download the lessons at once.

Download and watch on your favorite media player in your computer

– you can choose any media player that can handle MP4 and MP3 to work on the lessons

Download and watch on iPod, iPad, iPhone using iTunes

– you can enjoy the convenience of studying even in your busy schedule like commuting, jogging in the park using a portable device

Download and manually copy over to Android phone

– use commercial podcast application on your Android phone and watch videos streaming.

Supported Devices
The PM PrepCast is primarily a video podcast. It consists of 17 audio and almost 100 video lessons. You can play the videos on your computer/laptop screen or on your video-capable portable media player.

Customers have successfully played the video lessons on the following devices:

Creative Zen X-Fi
iPod Classic
iPhone 2G
iPhone 3GS (Low-Resolution PrepCast only)
iPod Touch 8GB
iPad 2
Nokia E51
Palm Treo 700W (Windows Mobile 5)
Zune HD
HTC HD2 Phone (Download Yomomedia podcast reader – free)
Samsung Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy S2
Customers were unable to play the video lessons on the following devices:

BlackBerry Curve 8900
iPhone 3GS (Crashes when using High-Resolution PrepCast. Low-Res is OK.)
iPod 5th Gen. 60GB
iPod Nano 2nd Generation (No video display. No workaround available)
iPod Shuffle 1st Generation (No video display. No workaround available)
Nokia N95
Samsung Blackjack II using windows mobile (video played but had audio problems)
We are working on providing workarounds for the devices on which it did not play (if at all possible). To test your device please subscribe to The Free PM PrepCast… – you will be able to download a small number of our lessons and test them on your player.

立即買入課程 is an authorized affiliate of The PM PrepCast

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  1. I am using the PM PrepCast right now to prepare for my PMP Exam (PMBOK 5th Edition), this course is great!

    1. i am planning to study PMP and wondering if online lesson would be fine. With your comment, i would like to have purchase it. However, did u finally pass the Exam? without a tutor’s hints & advice, did u apply your exam smoothly?


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