Microsoft Project 2010 – Two Hours Certificate Course

兩小時掌握 Microsoft Project 2010,UDEMY最受歡迎證書課程之一,讓你的項目管理更輕鬆,求職更輕易。

Learn how to quickly and easily manage projects in this easy to follow course from the e-learning experts. (Only USD$49)

It is one of the top courses in Udemy Platform, with an average rating 4.X stars by over 100 students’ reviews.

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Earn your PDUs for free: a “Kill two Birds with one Stone” method

If you are certified PMP, you may wonder how to get the 60 PDUs in order to re-certify, you may not want to spend money for it, and try to go to the free seminars or webinars to collect the PDUs one by one. However, it is time-consuming to find them out, and it is not guaranteed that those separated and isolated seminars/webinars can really help your professional development. Continue reading Earn your PDUs for free: a “Kill two Birds with one Stone” method

Cornelius Fichtner: 6 Reasons Why You May Have Failed The PMP Exam 3 Times

While I hope it doesn’t happen to you, some people fail the PMP exam 3 times. If you do find yourself in that situation, you will have to wait a year from the date of your last exam before you will be able to apply for your PMP certification again. Continue reading Cornelius Fichtner: 6 Reasons Why You May Have Failed The PMP Exam 3 Times

The Bible of PMP – “PMP Exam Prep”

Publication Date: June 12, 2013 | Edition: Eighth

This book has been FULLY updated to reflect PMI’s changes to the PMP exam, and should be used to prepare for all PMP exams delivered on or after July 30th of 2013.

Can you imagine valuing a book so much that you send the author a Thank You letter?

Hundreds of thousands of project managers know and understand why PMP Exam Prep is a worldwide best-seller. Years of PMP exam preparation experience, endless hours of ongoing research, interviews with project managers who failed the exam to identify gaps in their knowledge, and a razor-sharp focus on making sure project managers don’t waste a single minute of their time studying are THE reasons this book is the best-selling PMP exam preparation guide in the world.

PMP Exam Prep, Eighth Edition contains hundreds of updates and improvements from previous editions–including new exercises and sample questions never before in print. Offering hundreds of sample questions, critical time-saving tips plus games and activities available nowhere else, this book will help you pass the PMP exam on your FIRST try.

【測試你的項目管理知識 】Test Your PM Knowledge

This is a sample exam for individuals who want to get a self-assement before attending the real PMP Exam. It contains 20 questions, we recommend that you have to score 15 questions correct (75%) in order to pass the real Exam.

PMBOK 5 – Learning the 47 Processes

An Video Lecture by Richard Kraneis, PMP

This is the Excel spreadsheet I used to learn the 47 processes of PMBOK 5. Using a similar spreadsheet, I passed the PMP for PMBOK 4 in June of 2013.

Note: The first process in the Executing process group should read “Direct and Manage Project Work”. PMBOK 4, no longer valid, was “Direct and Manage Project Execution”. Please note that correction.

Best wishes to you in passing your PMP test.